Legal & Historical Notices

from UB Comix #2, Apr 1991.


Legal and Historical notices (from the print edition):
  • According to the Urantia Brotherhood Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 19, Spring, 1982 [PDF at],^
    Emma "Christy" Christensen actually met the Drs. Sadler
    "through an automobile accident in a taxicab and consequent hospital care."
    (But I'm sure I've heard the apocryphal tale of her having tripped in front of 533.)
  • In "The Eternal Dialogue," the part of "God" was played by the Spirit.
  • "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Pilzer,
    was published by and original copyright 1908 by York Music Corporation,
    renewed by Jerry Vogel Music Company, Incorporated, 1936.
  • "Cracker Jack"^ is a trademark of Borden, Incorporated, Columbus, Ohio.1
  • The "Golden* Arches" is a trademark of the McDonald's^ Corporation, Des Plains, Illinois.^
  • Three concentric azure blue*,2 circles is a trademark of the Urantia Foundation,^ Chicago.
  • The yellow*,2 "Smiley Face" is copyright Bernard and Murray Spain,^ Philadelphia.3
  • These were all used persuant to fair use guidelines for purposes of satire and humor
    as outlined by the United States copyright office^ and case law.
  • The "United States"^ is copyright… oh, never mind…
  • (*if UB Comix were in color!)
Footnotes, online edition:
  1. Borden was apparently conglomerated into Eagle Family Foods^
    and Cracker Jack is now owned by Frito-Lay.^
  2. In color actually at last in the online incarnation
  3. As corrected in UB Comix #6, April 1995:
    According to The Economist^ of 1995 Feb 11
    (belatedly crediting usage in a previous issue),
    the "Smiley-Face" logo is trademarked by
    Barter International Group
    in all countries signatory to the Madrid convention.