Theorobics (lo-res)

The answer for lazy worshipers.



Hi, MomThe material used herein from The Urantia Book is used without permission. Any artistic representation, interpretation, opinion, or conclusion stated or implied is that of the author and does not necessarily represent the views of URANTIA Foundation or URANTIA Brotherhood or any of its affiliated Societies. It's more fun this way.(signed) Don L Tyler
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I Don't Get It — in case you don't
This is the lo-res version, 80%, re-relettered, converted to16-grey.
The hi-res version is colored, relettered, retouched scans.

Spiritual Exercise — Urantia Paper 91 §7 ¶2
Where Are They Now?
The Foundation of back then is now
The Urantia Foundation
The Brotherhood of back then is now
The Urantia Book Fellowship