Tic^4 3DSL

A 4*4*4 version of Tic-Tac-Toe, but "dis ain't no baby's game"

Developed for Second Life by RaddDadd Upshaw

Tic^4 is a 4*4*4 version of Tic-Tac-Toe, but "dis ain't no baby's game." A player's objective is to get four of his marbles in a row in any direction. A win may be lateral or diagonal. Up to 7 wins at a time in 76 directions are possible. (However, if you manage to win in 7 ways, your opponent must have been working quite hard to lose!)

Object, setup & play
Roadmap and History

Tic^4 — The main script that runs the game
Planes Rotate — Operates the four rotating planes
Rainbow — Runs the Rainbow object for players to choose colors
Build Tic^4 board — Creates the board from a plane and a sphere

"Tic^4" — game board. Sixty-four spheres of 0.5m diameter, arranged in a 4*4*4 grid of 1m center-to-center spacing. Also a control cube, which is the root prim. 65 prims total.
"Rotating Planes" — Four thin planes 4m * 4m, and a tiny sphere at the center. 5 prims total.
"Rainbow" — Six identical arcs. 6 prims total.
=76 prims total. (Coincidentally, there are 76 ways to win at Tic^4.)

The Yellow-Wins game was found embedded in a comment by Sparkle at SodaHead.