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Judge Rambo

Never saw any of the Rambo movies. Had to look up the "nightmare" line.
Just as I was completing this, I thought, I should've used Judge Dredd! (Coming soon)

Radical Incline

Obamacare Tax for Dummies

It's just this simple.

Not a Mindful Webwork, but I thought it deserved more than just a blog-heap link.
h/t Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit

Mandate Tax for Dummies

This, on the other hand, is a Mindful Webwork. Started out to just create a thumbnail image, but figured I might as well post the large version.

Obamacare Tax for Dummies

Radical Incline

Driving Us Crazy

Barry and Tim behind the wheel.

Barry and Tim in a bumper car

Tip o' the Mindful topper to Val at Moonbattery and whoever's pics these were.

Related Mindful Offsite Comment on Moonbattery:
ONLY AFTER it was posted did I have it pointed out to me
that the obvious response to this is
“That’s racist!”

Radical Incline

Glenn Beck: Leftists Complaining About Obama

The left is frustrated with Obama despite all he has accomplished.

Heard this on the radio this morning while driving into town.
Videos embedded small because who wants to watch radio?
Scary O

This first part is just a jaw-dropping list of the current administration's accomplishments.

This second part is fraught with dire foreboding. But short.

Radical Incline

The Backlog of Blog, 2012 May

It's an election year. Not that that has anything to do with it.

Oversubscribing to the blogosphere, then trying to spend a few days working in the real world, can result in significant backlog.

List of backlogged blogs