What does perfection mean to mortals?

Cmaj7 - B - Em

Em                  B
I don't see us being perfect
B                                Em
  I'm told we're all supposed to try
Em                     B
I don't see us reaching perfect
          B              Em
  In this life before we die

Cmaj7                    D
Heard there might be one exception
   B7                         Em
   He lived a long long time ago
Em                   B
I believe he reached Perfection
         Cmaj7    B       Em
   I wasn't there so I don't know
Cmaj7 - B - Em
Em                             B
Just what does perfect mean to mortals?
   B                          Em
   When imperfection's all we feel?
Em                      B
Can we reach relative perfection
   B                      Em
   Not absolute but some Ideal?

          Cmaj7                     D
(Because) I don't see anyone who's perfect
         B7                     Em
   (But) I know so many who are trying
Em                           B
Imperfect souls who long for Perfect
         Cmaj7   B                Em
   Need time to get there after dying
Cmaj7 - B - Em
           Em                        B
(Although) I never thought of you as perfect
         B                                  Em
   (No & not) For all the goodness that I see
Em                                     B
(But y'know) The only perfect part of my life
   B                                            Em
   Is (th't) you're the (only) perfect one for me

Cmaj7                   D
Continue seeking for perfection
   B7                          Em
   Because perfection's what it takes
Em                     B
To know Creation as Perfection
                  Cmaj7      B     Em
   Just know that God makes no mistakes
Cmaj7 - B - Em
2016 Sep 23: Performed in Mindful Webworkshop Episode #7