(I'm Having Those) Nightmares Again

Abandonment anxiety and devotion

B                           G#m
Why are you so brutal in my dreams?
    C#m                             A
You treat me like we've hardly even met!
B                         G#m
Is there something really wrong with us
   C#m                           A
or am I so afraid that you'll forget?
B                   G#m
Is there a basis in reality
   C#m                          A
or is it just the product of my fears?
B                            G#m
Am I so afraid that you will turn on me
      C#m                     A
after we've been together for so many years?
B                       G#m
Would you really simply turn away
   C#m                        A
if things don't go just as we planned?
B                        G#m
Are we together from the grace of love
      C#m                 A
or to satisfy some animal demand?
    B                        G#m
I'm having those nightmares again.
     C#m                         A
I suppose it should come as no surprise;
   B                              G#m
as you become more precious to me it's no wonder
         C#m                                A
I should fear you're really someone I won't recognize
B                            G#m
Taught to have faith in God alone.
        C#m                         A
There's no one else on whom I can depend.
    B                            G#m
But isn't this the Spirit in our love?
    C#m                               A
And aren't we sworn together 'til the end
of the endless dream?
I make this my prayer:
I will be for you
and always there
through the endless dream.
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #8, 2016 Sep 30