Zach and Ike | Invulnerable pt 1 ch 6

They worked for the Boss


Part I - Safe

Chapter 6 - Zach and Ike

Zach and Ike, the two goons the Boss originally sent. Transcribed from video interview to be posted later.
Beebop & Rocksteady (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Zach: When the Boss sprang us
Ike: I can't believe he sprang us so easy!
Zach: He's got dat kinda power!
Ike: Gotta hand him that!
Zach: We went back to him.
Ike: Like we had any choice!
Zach: I thought we'd be fish food.
Ike: I thought... Never mind.
Zach: But he wasn't mad.
Ike: That was scarier.
Zach: He was just curious.
Ike: Yeah, about the community.
Zach: About what had happened.
Ike: It wasn't like he wanted Peace.
Zach: He only wanted Power.
Ike: Just power. More power. Really.
Zach: Yeah, well, he asked us questions.
Ike: He gave us glasses of his good stuff!
Zach: We hadn't Remembered yet.
Ike: So we told him everything.
Zach: It was so weird.
We were bad.

Rob & Don (The Dark Knight Returns)Zach: The Boss wasn't dumb.
Ike: Real smart guy. He figured it all out.
Zach: Yeah, well, sort of. He was smart!
Ike: See, he didn't let anyone...
Zach: ...nobody, not the boys, not anybody's girls or wives...
Ike: ...didn't let anyone have any contact with anyone...
Zach: one in the community.
Ike: He said he declared War.
Zach: It wasn't just those properties he didn't get.
Ike: They cut into his prostitution.
Zach: They cut into his protection.
Ike: They ... We cut into his drugs.
Zach: His profits. His bling.
Ike: Ka-ching!
Zach: A-hem. Er... He took the whole thing personal.
Ike: Real personal.

Hack & Slash (Reboot)Zach: The Boss set up, watching the community from a distance.
Ike: Like a big cop operation.
Zach: He had guys on roofs with binoculars.
Ike: He had the Sanctuary bugged.
Zach: No, he didn't!
Ike: He could've!
Zach: No, he couldn't. He couldn't get inside!
Ike: Oh, yeah.
Zach: He found out about the Annual Meeting.
He was planning an assault.
Ike: Like, like an army. He had a helicopter that was going to drop bombs.
Zach: You're making that up.
Ike: No, man, they tol' me.

Zach: It was bad.
Ike: We were bad.