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Fearless people can do a lot quickly


Part I - Safe

Chapter 2 - From the Center

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The Clinic becomes the Safe Sanctuary
So much happened. Nobody wanted to go home.
And we kept on going.
Being fearless doesn't make the lame walk or the blind see (except ol' Ben the big faker).
And it doesn't feed us.
But fearless people can get a lot done. We took over the clinic and its building.

Editor's note: The foregoing was derived from notes and illustrations by Andy Walsh, the "bum" Paul first meets. We have left the words and format just as Andy requested, so please don't write us about using non-PC words like "bum." Andy told us, "When I was younger, I always loved comics, and before I ended up on the streets, I worked for an advertising agency doing storyboarding, which is like comics. So, I wanted to tell Paul's whole story this way. Doc said maybe I have ADD, but whatever reason, it seems I never could finish anything I started." What follows is derived from some additional notes Andy left, supplemented by conversations with others.

Cured GuyThe building where Doc had his clinic became the public hall for the group. A co-op kitchen was started, and a laundry. A small classroom became a regular all-ages school. Folks pitched in happily to clean up and repair and "home-ify" the old building.

Some moved off to other areas of the city and began similar communities, all staying in contact with one another.

Several people wanted to give up their worldly possessions, communize their funds. Among the converts, though, were financial experts. They advised folks to keep their personal property personal, and directed investments toward income production.

Several other businesses were started to serve the new community, funded by community members with these financial counselors, and they all became tolerably profitable successes.

While some organized the community, most were involved in evangelizing.

Coordinated programs sent folks out in radiating circles, slowly rippling out from our little center. That was what Paul spent his time doing, affecting new people.

Lucy has to call her sister!
Story and artwork directed by Andrew Walsh.
Many thanks to Myrtle Webrowski for the digital assistance.
Andrew left this note with the original sketchbook:
"I set out to design a great big illustrated novel
about how the Community got started,
and the early years.
But after what happened...
Sorry I got vague and sloppy toward the end.
I know others can finish the story.
Staying dry, keeping safe, but I have to go find Paul."

Andy's self-portrait
Andrew Walsh, self-portrait