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US Election 2012

Per the massive voter fraud scenario, I think there will be violence - some half-hearted rioting - sponsored by the likes of the "New" Black Panthers, The Department of Justice, and other radical, left-wing militant groups - but I honestly think an Øbama win in November will plunge this country into something akin to a civil war. Mostly because the voter fraud aspect will be extremely difficult to hide, and those who won't countenance it are also those who are most able to participate in such an "insurrection" without having to be armed by the government. So, the course of our country will then be decided by not the electorate, but by the military. If the military is complicit, and turns the might of the country against those who would fight this tyranny, the constitutional conservative (or conservative constitutionalist, if you prefer) will become literally extinct, and the USA will become the new Greece. I hope for the sake of all around me; for the sake of my children and my grandchildren, that it does not come to this, but it is a fear that has nagged me every morning for the past year.

6:29pm CDT Tue 2012 Oct 23 :MW