Have Another Drink

A little might be healthy for the body, but what about the mind?

G            D              C                      G       D  C
Have another drink   — the alcohol will free your tongue
G             D                  C            G    D     C
Don't stop to think   — there's far too much left to be sung
C             D           Em                C
Climbin' on a ladder   — touchin' on every rung
   G                D        C                         G   D
No matter where you are,   remember that you haven't begun
G              D           C                      G   D  C
You can be the center   — you don't even have to try
    G           D               C                           G    D  C
The universe is yours   — it's painted on the back of your eyes
C                 D        Em                   C
Don't walk on the water   'til you learn how to fly
G               D         C                      G   D
Don't expect to wake up   perfect as soon as you die
G               D             C                    G      D  C
The fountain of life   — the endless well of personality
G         D              C       G  D  C
Fills the reservoir of   individuality
C           D          Em             C
Overflowing from the   brim of your capacity
G            D               C                    G    D
Have another drink   — that liquid is your guarantee
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G            D                C              G        D  C
Take another step   — you're running down a corridor
G                  D         C                 G    D  C
When you reach the end you   only find another door
C            D         Em                   C
On the other side is   hiding your more and more
G                  D             C                                G       D
You could stop the walk   — but don't you want to know what's in store?
G                  D          C              G    D  C
Take your sword of hate and   beat it into a plow
G             D           C                            G    D  C
Everything is sacred   — just keep takin' care of the cow
    C           D         Em                       C
The miracle you want as   proof is in the here and now
    G         D        C                         G   D
The final revelation   comes as you continue somehow
G               D            C                     G       D  C
Hard to see the truth   When everything is getting blurred
G               D          C                   G      D  C
Truth cannot be told   And yet I'm sure you've heard
    C         D         Em                     C
The gospel of love   So simple that it seems absurd
G             D            C                           G     D   G
Take the time this time to stop...   and listen to the word.