Imagicnation is Reality

Be on guard against sinister forces at work in the world.

There are sinister forces afoot in the world, arrayed against heaven.

Evil beings who steal into childrens' bedrooms at night and turn them into grown-ups who don't remember how to play.

Poor old beasts who lumber along without hope, full of cynicism and worry and disillusionment.

Misguided misanthropes who want to take away all the dreams. They caution that Christmas is a commercial trap and you can't go home again and love is a biochemical response to mechanistic impulses. Well, sure it is. So? Is the method so important that it obscures the value?

Be on guard. Be wary. Be prepared.

These forces of darkness will tell you they are enlightened and you are ignorant. They will tell you that there are no pixies, no Santa Claus, no Never-Never Land, no Hobbits. They sneer at wonder and scowl at the joyous, shaking their heads and mumbling about science, and fact, and figures, and logic, and harsh coldness they claim is reality. If you push them hard enough, they will admit, there is no heaven, there is no spirit, you have no soul, there is no God.

And they can be very convincing; when the bills pile up, when the boss is unfair, when the news is bad, your resistance may be weakened, you may become susceptible to their derision and earnest finger-wagging and admonitions to Get Serious.

Don't do it. Don't get serious about the news. Pay the bills, and follow the news and realize that they've forgotten what's real. And when the bills are paid, and the dishes are washed, and the news is done, take time to remember.

Read the Gospels. Read the words of Krishna to his devotee Arjuna.Read of the miracles of the Neem Karoli Baba. Read The Urantia Book. Read some Tolkien. Remember what really counts is hope, sincerity, and love. Lore, legend and magic are not out there in the world but in your hearts. Tomorrow, when the phone rings, and the rush of the so-called world closes in on you, perhaps you can worry about whether Jesus really rose from the dead to tell us all that God loves us, whether Krishna ever really told Arjuna that the soul is immortal, whether the Neem Karoli Baba could really touch your heart. Tomorrow, when the kids are away at school, or the dog has chewed up your favorite rug, or the car won't start, you can hold an argument with yourself about the difference between history and fantasy, decide that Middle Earth has nothing to do with your earth. But tonight, read about Peter Pan, clap your hands and cry out, "I believe!" with all your heart. Understand that as Jesus of The Urantia Book told the fearful young man, the big things and the real things of this universe are and always have been on your side.

Watch the eyes of children seeing Santa's workshop or Peter Pan fly. Ask yourself how valuable it is to destroy belief and joy with cynical doubt.

And when the next day you try to express your lingering ecstasy to a grown-up and they reply, "Oh, grow up," smile and wink and know.

Doubt is hell. Faith is reality. Reality is the Imagicnation. Remember.