UB Comix #2: I don't get it

UB Comix #2 explained (some of it).

I don't get
There Are No Accidents
The Eternal Dialogue

There Are No
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An explanation (of sorts)
appears on a later page,
so here I'll just confine myself to noting that "there are no accidents." Which doesn't mean, of course, that everything we think is divinely directed necessarily is.

When I first attended a gathering of UB students, in 1974, "Christy" gave her "Soldiers of the Circles" talk. Afterward, many attendees, mostly well-known members of the Chicago area groups so I gathered, lined up to visit with the venerable Ms. C. I had only first heard of her on that visit, but I got in line, too, and when my chance came, I gave her a quick hug and backed away. I remember her giving me a rather puzzled look, like, "Who was that long-haired grizzle-bearded young oddball who just hugged me?" I'm not one to hold to the "touching the hem of a holy man's garment" type of superstition, but I thought, this could be my only chance to make direct physical contact with the last of the original contactees for the UB and I took my opportunity. As it turns out, it was. So I'm glad I did, just for history's sake.

1999 Aug 26

Oh Lord!

I think of the "man" as a represtenation of the soul, rather than the body. The other character in this little dialogue is played by "the Spirit," who first appeared in "The Big Three" in issue #1, and became the most often-recurring character in UB Comix.

Adapting black-and-white comics for color is sometimes a bit tricky. Sometimes it seems as improper as "colorizing" old black-and-white movies. (Worst case example: Imagine colorizing, say, the opening and closing sequences of Wizard of Oz!) Cartoons intended for color generally have more closed lines, like coloring books. (Stay inside the lines.) The wispy Spirit character is especially open-ended. So with this simple strip, I decided the best thing was to keep the colors simple.

The title is a play on "the internal dialogue." Internal, eternal. Whatever.

1999 Sep 03, Revised 2001 Dec 7

I don't get #1 either