Dihydrogen Monoxide

Safe enough for children and pets. Washes your clothes. Wets your whistle. Have some today.

Tell you the truth, this is official:
Dihydrogen monoxide can be beneficial.
This is gospel. Must I write an epistle?
Dihydrogen monoxide can wet your whistle

It's so amazing that you have to get
Dihydrogen monoxide if you wanna get wet.
It's so harmless, I heard from my vet,
Dihydrogen monoxide is safe for your pet.

I'm not making this up on a whim.
Dihydrogen monoxide is required for a swim.
You need plenty for vigor and vim.
If you're out of it, life can be grim

Plants gotta have it in order to grow.
You've gotta have it to go with the flow.
You're Dihydrogen monoxide from your head to your toe.
Dihydrogen monoxide is H 2 0!

Mindful Webworks | Short and Tall Tales | Dihydrogen Monoxide, page 2
It's used by the laundress, the cook and the potter.
It's ice when it's cold and steam when it's hotter.
Give it to your children, every son and daughter.
Dihydrogen monoxide is just plain water.

It has no taste and yet it's delicious.
A man can drink as much as he wishes.
Woman enjoys it because she's
Discovered it has zero calories.

Half a gallon a day wouldn't really hurt.
Have it with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.
Makes lots of squishy mud from ordinary dirt.
Without Dihydrogen monoxide your squirt gun won't squirt.

You probably thought this would end eventually,
But more and more ideas keep occurring to me.
But with all this Dihydrogen monoxide you can see
Why this song has to end because I have to go
    get a hot chocolate.
2016 Sep 16: Performed in music video Mindful Webworkshop #6.