The first meal of the day ought to be your best. But isn't always.

I just had a waffle,

and I'm really feelin' awful!

Think that waffle had an awful
   lotta mold.
My pat of butter wouldn't melt.

I think I know just how it felt.

That moldy awful waffle really
   felt cold.
My maple syrup I insist, 'll
tell you musta turned to crystal,
'cause the jug I lug around
   won't even pour.
And now this crummy fork of mine
has broken for the final tine
and I can't use it for the what the
   fork it's for.
My chin was wet with spittle
when I spied the peanut brittle
with a taste I mighta died for
   in my youth.
But when I gave a chunk a try
it turned out mighty hard and dry
and now I got that crummy stuff
   stuck in my tooth.
I had to melt away the toffee
so I poured a cup of coffee.
It did the job. I also
   burnt my tongue.
You wonder why I screamed and flailed?
It made me yell, and I inhaled.
There's moldy toffee coffee waffles
   in my lung!