Obama: More of Machiavelli than Marx (1)

They know the Constitutionalists will (already did) rip this forgery to shreds, but the blind Obamabots will take this as solid and indisputable proof — just as they did before it was ever released.

A Mindful Webworker comments on The Sussman Show:

Y’gotta wonder: are the mechanical parrots really that duped, or just happily participating in the lie? Either way, pathetically sad.

They play the race card like good mechanical parrots. ALAN WEST FOR PRESIDENT! He’s blacker! Oh, I mean “Africaner.” (That’s the first one I noticed — as many have pointed out, nobody used “African” as a race in 1961, but I’m willing to examine any proof to the contrary. Comparison with other contemporary Hawaii BCs would be useful.)

The mechanical parrot keeps picking out the weakest, lamest points, ones I also found weak and lame, from the Smoking Gun article. Some of these are possibly nothing, like the small-font M being pre-printed on the form: good possible explanation (we need a comparison form, again, of course). Oh, but the photoshopping artifacts, what about those, parrot? What about why hide it, let a soldier get jailed, divide the nation, all so he can laugh at “birthers”? What about, if he had released this mess at the first, probably nobody would have taken so hard a look. Bracko has even more Machiavelli than Marx about him. They release a bizarrely obvious forgery which (1) they know the Constitutionalists will quickly see right through, but (2) will make all the blind mechanical parrots dance and laugh at how right the Big 0 was that even this (propaganda ploy) wouldn’t satisfy the Constitutionalists. The President isn’t just unqualifed. He is unfit in every regard.