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7 buses of female American citizens
Emily Miller @emilymiller, Twitter, Aug 29, 2021

"We’re dealing with Kabul. There’s 7 buses of female American citizens. The CG refused to open the gate. We have a congressman with us and he had the state department reach out. MG Donahue refused. 10 minutes ago the females were taken by the Taliban. They are likely dead now."

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US Contract Working Dogs Abandoned at Kabul Airport After Last Plane Left
Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit, Aug 30, 2021

Dr. Robin R. Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane, has issued a statement condemning the cruelty.

“I am devastated by reports that the American government is pulling out of Kabul and leaving behind brave U.S. military contract working dogs to be tortured and killed at the hand of our enemies. These brave dogs do the same dangerous, lifesaving work as our military working dogs, and deserved a far better fate than the one to which they have been condemned,” Ganzert said.
316 Yeah, Eve R, the soldiers were ordered to forcibly remove the dogs from their cages and let them loose in the airport. They're going to be tortured to death by the Taliban or if they manage to avoid that fate they'll die of thirst and hunger.
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502 Hannity had 2 of the fathers who lost their sons in Joe's Afghanistan f-up. Both said that Biden didn't just check his watch once but every time there was a body transferred to the family.

Oh, Boy? I say, I say, Boy!
RNC Research @RNCResearch, Twitter, Aug 30, 2021 (0:31)

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"We don't want him to talk"
James Woods @RealJamesWoods, Twitter, Aug 29, 2021 (0:10)

Mark Dice, YouTube, Aug 30, 2021 (6:57)

Good Trooper Stops Officer Misconduct
Audit the Audit, YouTube, Aug 30, 2021 (16:34)

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Jess @lovinmygirls218, Twitter, Aug 30, 2021 (1:15)
Some kids pranked a school board meeting on some Bart Simpson style

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