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Linguists Successfully Decipher Ancient Minoan Language “Linear A”

Now for the world to see, the first tablet to be translated from Linear A, derived from the e-mail templates collected since 1995, reads as follows:

Mr. Anakopi, Official Scribe, City of Buhan, Nubia

My Dear Sir,

My sincere hope is that the Gods find you well and that prosperity has brought you kind rewards.

My name is Anakopi and I am the official scribe for the Nubian Prince Manahotep and a trusted vassal of the great wealth of the Eleventh Dynasty situated at Buhan.…


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EVIL: Every Medical and so-called Health Institution in the USA is LYING About Ivermectin Treatment of COVID-19
AmeriCAN-DO Attitude, Sep 15, 2021

These evil assholes are going around demonizing tens of millions of Americans who do not need “vaccines”, deliberately fearmongering every American into thinking SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 infection is a death sentence when the survival/recovery rate is 99.74% and outrageously LYING about available successful treatments.

In addition, some politicians have gone so far as to threaten to revoke medical licenses of doctors and pharmacists if they dare treat patients with or prescribe HCQ or Ivermectin to patients with SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.

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Pfizer reportedly making mucho denaro [sic] selling peripheral drugs for treating the two worst side-effects of the Pfizer "vaccines".

Eliquis for blood clots… sales up 13%; and Vyndaquel for cardiomyopathy [heart problems] up 77%

Follow the Money —ClydeDale, commenting on PJ Media, Sep 15, 2021

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A male Karen spotted in the wild
Ian Miles Cheong @ stillgray.substack.com @stillgray, Twitter, Sep 16, 2021

Screaming Father Kicked Off Plan For Mask Violation Along With His Family
and other instances
TheDC Shorts, YouTube, Sep 15, 2021 (4:47)

Man Faces Off With Police After Getting Kicked Off Plane
TheDC Shorts, YouTube, Sep 15, 2021 (3:31)

9/11 Proved That The Left's Ideas SUCK
Andrew Klavan, YouTube, Sep 15, 2021 (11:16)

The War Of Ideas
Andrew Klavan, YouTube, Sep 14, 2021 (0:56)

TikTok Is Chinese Mind Control
Andrew Klavan, YouTube, Sep 14, 2021 (5:54)

Who wore it better? AOC or Chik-Fil-A?
AOC’s 'Beautiful' Met Gala Dress
Conservative Twins, YouTube, Sep 15, 2021 (13:58)

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sameera khan @SameeraKhan, Twitter, Sep 14, 2021

Malbork Castle and the Teutonic Order
The History Guy, YouTube, Sep 15, 2021 (12:32)

Lucky People #3
Ozzy Man Reviews, YouTube, Sep 15, 2021 (5:10)

Mark Dice, YouTube, Sep 15, 2021 (8:01)

Something Is Wrong With Biden's Robot At Walt Disney Resort
TheDC Shorts, YouTube, Sep 14, 2021 (3:11)

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Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn't See Blue
AsapSCIENCE, YouTube, Nov 24, 2020 (6:39)