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MONDAY OCT 4, 2021


97 Uh... read the proposal they sent to DARPA. They 100% intended to create the virus. There is no doubt whatsoever anymore now that the proposal has been leaked.


The blueprint was found recently. You really don't want to click this link to the PDF. You won't ever be able to unsee it. It's not a kook site or anything like that. Just a WEF /Gates /John Hopkins document about a party they had:


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"Oh Happy Day" Edwin Hawkins - Anthony Brown w/ FBCG Combined Choir
Inside FBCG, YouTube, Feb 14, 2018 (6:35)

A♠ Morning Report - Mon Oct 4, 2021

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Trump on What Went Right, What Went Wrong, and Running Again in 2024
Whether Donald Trump decides to run in 2024 or not, rest assured he will not stop talking about 2020 and the importance of election integrity.

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Dozens of cargo ships anchored off the coasts of Los Angeles and New York face shocking wait times of up to four weeks and railyards and trucking routes are hopelessly clogged due to the lack of manpower to unload goods."
Next Biden Crisis? Backlogged Cargo Ships Off New York, California Coasts Face 4-Week Wait

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"From this single metal asteroid a mining operation could literally double the metal that had been previously mined on Earth. In estimating the value of these metals, the paper tries to account for the certain drop in price caused by the flooding of so much material into the market. It is a guess however. What is clear is that this asteroid could easily serve as a supply house not for Earth but for all future colonies in space."
Two Nearby Asteroids Found with More Precious Metals Than Earth's Entire Global Supply