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Are We Being Deliberately Set Up For a Winter of Torment?
Deliberate or not, some valid reasons for concern for the future:

This is an report I believe is important and, for which, I have done two weeks of research. Allow me to state up front: I hope I am too cynical and wrong in my predictions. But, if I am correct about the weather this winter, conditions could get very bad. In this piece, I will explain the reasons for my concern and what we should do to prepare.

Worth the time to read. Supplemental:
More Are Sounding the Alarm About Winter

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Ex-Border Patrol Chief Reveals Biden Admin Paid Contractors $5M A Day Not To Build A Wall
Reagan Reese, The Federalist, Oct 7, 2021

According to Scott, all that remains of former President Donald Trump’s border wall efforts are “stacks and stacks” of panels, “hundreds of miles of fiber-optic cabling,” and “hundreds of cameras” that are just “sitting there.”

“There’s no action being taken,” Scott explained. And despite Border Patrol telling the Biden White House in briefings that the border would suffer “unmitigable disaster” if Trump’s policies end, the Democrat administration’s position is simply, “We’re not building more wall.”

“There’s no conversation. There’s no adult dialogue, if you will. It’s just a black-and-white decision. The administration said we’re not doing it, so we’re not doing it,” Scott continued. “And that money is just trickling away to those contractors for not doing work each day.”

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Follow the Science – Except When it comes to Natural Immunity
Brian C.Joondeph, MD, American Thinker, Oct 8, 2021

Without natural immunity, many past viral illnesses, hundreds or thousands of years ago, would have been extinction events, except for the fact that those who were infected and survived now had immunity to that particular virus and perhaps similar future viruses. Such immunity might be passed along to children as well via the placenta or through nursing.

Yet today, any discussion of natural immunity is dismissed as some QAnon conspiracy theory, earning one derision or censorship from the same people or organizations who urge us to “follow the science,” but only their science. Why are we only to follow state-approved science and ignore any science that doesn’t fit the government narrative?

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History of Blacks as guinea pigs
Billy Prempeh @BillyPrempeh, Twitter, Oct 7, 2021

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‘So, Joe Biden’s speech went well’
Bongino Report @BonginoReport, Twitter, Oct 7, 2021 (0:54)

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Lying with Statistics, Bad at Math
Breaking911 @Breaking911, Twitter, Oct 7, 2021
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James Leinenger’s Mysterious Memories of Another Life
McKenzie Warren, YouTube, Sep 14, 2021 (9:11)

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The Wild Wild West
pilot commercial - CBS TV - 1965

Shatner Method, YouTube, Oct 27, 2016 (3:07)