Happy 4th of July Eve!

That special season of the year

4th of July Eve!

Uncle Samta Claus
Tonight, Uncle Sam slips down the chimney of all the good little citizens and leaves them gifts of hot dogs, cherry pie, star spangled banners, ammunition, books by Mark Levin, and tons and tons of bright, noisy, colorful fireworks.

Tomorrow morning, the little citizens will rise from their beds in joyous anticipation of the day. They will run to look under the Liberty Tree (well watered) for their gifts, to marvel and share with one another.

Although the celebrations will be enthusiastically boisterous, ceremonies and sermons will remind us of the solemn cause for our celebration, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and about instituting government which secures those rights. Then we end the day in prayer, thankfulness, and worship.

Merry Independence Day!