Duck and Cover

If it's duck and cover, why did they use a turtle?

People make fun of "Duck and Cover."

"If you're at Ground Zero," they mock, it's not Duck and Cover. It's bend over, stick your head between your legs, and Kiss Your A$$ Good-Bye."

Which is true, but misses the point. World-wide all-out nuclear war might make the planet uninhabitable for humanity. However, if a conflict, or terrorist attack, or natural disaster occurs, the point of Civil Defense practices, is to maximize survival and minimize injury for survivors.

A good example of the value of "Duck and Cover" occurred during the recent Russian meteorite burst. At certain distances, the glare of the explosion drew people to windows to see what was going on, just before the concussion exploded the windows inward.

Concussion Compilation

Since "hiding under your desk" gets special targeting, check out these pictures.

Here are children from the Cold War era hiding under their desks. If glass and debris come flying into their classroom, there is not a lot of shelter under the desk, but there is more than sitting in the seat, and that's the whole point, to minimize injury.

Now, it's understandable that more modern students might not understand. Here is a desk from the era.

Here is a modern desk.

You're probably in more danger from the modern desk itself being thrown about by the blastwave.