Old St. Lou

Travel music for broken-hearted midwesterners

C       I'm...
F       Headin' on down to old St. Lou
Bb/Bb7  I'm not quite sure what I'm a-gonna / do
F       Headin' on down 'cuz I feel blue
Gm/C    Blue because of / you

F       Thinkin' 'bout the people that you and I knew
Bb/Bb7  Do a little shuffle and the old soft / shoe
F/Dm/G  Bringin' in the verses / two by / two
Gm/Bb/F Headin' / to St. / Lou
F       After everything that we've been through
Bb/Bb7  Times when I wasn't sure what was / true
F       All the happy moments were far too few
Gm/C    How quickly they all / flew

F       Don't know where I'm headin', haven't got a clue
Bb/Bb7  Might drink myself silly and get a tat- / too or
F/Dm/G  Hang around the monkey cages / at the / zoo when
Gm/Bb/F I get / to St. / Lou!