Can't Dance (Electric Display)

Can't I get away at all?

Eb          B          Eb      Db
Why can't I dance as I used to do
Eb         Db     Eb   Db
Can't get away at all
Eb          B        Eb      Db
Each time I rise on occasion
Eb             Db          Eb      Db
The music will stumble and falter
   Eb     B            Eb         Db
If only I touched the electric display
     Eb         Db       Eb  Db
That powered me years ago
Eb        B      Bb    Ebm
I could enjoy my naivete
       D                     Am
And forget what I've come to know
Amb5          G
Salad days of innocence
Amb5                  G
Blessed ignorance was bliss
Amb5               G
The depth of my perception
Fm                    Dbmaj7/G
Enhancing what I miss

Cm - G   Amb5 - G   Fm7 - G
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #12, 2016 Oct 28.