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David Lowery… President of the South Suburban Branch of the NAACP alleges… Louis Raymond, the Illinois political director for Obama for America… has threatened and intimidated him because he doesn’t support the president. … “You know what? I know everything about you.” Lowery says Raymond added, “We’ve been watching you, and since you don’t support Obama, we’ll deal with you,” before hanging up.

8:32pm CDT Fri 2012 Oct 5 :MW

AARP … is not happy that Obama brought up AARP at the debate last night…. Now you don’t want credit for Obamacare? Too late. You broke the health care system, now you own Obamacare.

6:27pm CDT Fri 2012 Oct 5 :MW

Animal Companions


John Dolan was hospitalized with a skin condition last week. His wife says their dog Zander took it hard. She says the dog sulked and even cried.

Then Zander, seemingly decided he had to be by his owner's bedside. Zander broke out of the Bay Shore home and made his way to the Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center more than 2 miles away.

6:24pm CDT Fri 2012 Oct 5 :MW