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Popeye • Mon 2011 Mar 14, 12:11amE.C. Segar, creator of the iconic comic strip character, was suffering a bad cold but decided to head to his Santa Monica studio anyway. On Jan. 17, 1929, readers were introduced to the pipe-smoking sailor with the huge forearms. • Sat 2011 Mar 12, 11:48amThe man who sketched a penguin to fame heads to the cinema with 'Mars Needs Moms' • Sat 2011 Mar 12, 11:46amCartoonist Jimmy Johnson says he's always a little nervous about the Sunday installations of his comic strip 'Arlo & Janis.' • Thu 2011 Mar 10, 7:07amRonald Searle has sold 2,000 sketches, 50 books of drawings and lithographs — the bulk of his original artwork — to a German museum who paid 1 million Euros ($1.4 million). The work spans six decades.
Spider-Man • Wed 2011 Mar 9, 6:21pmThe highest-graded copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, featuring the debut of Spider-Man from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, has sold in a private transaction for $1.1 million. This is by far the highest price paid for a Silver Age comic book, and is an almost one billion percent increase from the 12¢ cover price. • Mon 2011 Mar 7, 11:39pmJerry in Fl comments on I've had my eyes open for old Mark Twain books for years and last week, after looking at so many old books that I was getting dizzy and had to sit down, I found two 1897, excellent condition (and signed by the way) books. I had never known that he wrote a fictional book about Joan of Arc. I'm almost afraid to handle them.... • Mon 2011 Mar 7, 2:16pmDiscovery's astronauts got a special greeting in advance of their space station departure. Actor William Shatner, who played Capt. James T. Kirk on the original "Star Trek" television series and movies, paid tribute to Discovery's voyages over the decades. "Space, the final frontier," Shatner said in a prerecorded message. "These have been the voyages of the space shuttle Discovery. Her 30-year mission: to seek out new science, to build new outposts, to bring nations together on the final frontier, to boldly go and do what no spacecraft has done before." Shatner's words were followed by Monday morning's wake-up music, "Theme from Star Trek." • Fri 2011 Mar 4, 9:16amA compelling argument for rebuilding came in the three weekends after the fire, when Smith and co-owner Steve Peace and their employees spent time at the drive-in cleaning up - and visiting with members of the public who stopped by, looking to reminisce about 60 years of outdoor cinema. "People just kept coming by, telling us about coming out here, and their parents and their grandparents coming out here," Smith said. "They bought out the rest of our sodas and chips and candy, and they told us their stories, and we told them our stories. "Before the fire, we didn't know what people thought about the Admiral Twin," he said, "but I have been absolutely humbled by the warmth and generosity of the people of Tulsa." • Tue 2011 Mar 1, 8:22pmThe irony was that her public image as a sassy sex symbol was belied in real life by Right-wing Christian beliefs and staunch affiliation to the Republican Party. • Tue 2011 Mar 1, 1:13pmSuze Rotolo was an early girlfriend of Dylan's during his first days in New York. On Thursday, she died in her Manhattan home from lung cancer. But the 67-year-old artist has been immortalized on the cover of the 1963 album A Freewheelin' Bob Dylan as the girl clutching to the singer as they walked through a dreary, wintry Greenwich Village. • Tue 2011 Mar 1, 1:12pmpublicity shots posing her in a low-cut blouse while reclined on a stack of hay bales
Harpo Marx: Musician and Artist • Mon 2010 Oct 4, 11:17pm
Harpo Marx's son Bill: "...when he sat down to play the harp, Harpo became Arthur. You can see it in his face. He's got that rapt, hypnotized quality to his expression. These are my favorite moments...." Mine, too.
When I found Bill's website for his father, I headed straight for this article about Harpo the musician. • Fri 2009 Jun 26, 9:42pmAs I told CNN on April 22, 2004, "My great fear, and why I felt I had to be distanced from Michael … was that he would not live long. My fear was that Michael's life would be cut short. When you have no ingredients of a healthy life, when you are totally detached from that which is normal, and when you are a super-celebrity you, God forbid, end up like Janis Joplin like Elvis… Michael is headed in that direction." • Tue 2009 Jun 23, 4:08pmInterview with Kevin Dunn on Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. • Mon 2009 Jun 22, 7:29pm

introduced the amateur color film in 1935 and it became the first commercially successful color film... sales are just a fraction of 1% of the company's still-picture film revenue... Kodak estimates that current supplies of the film - which is slide or transparency film, not the more familiar color negative film - will last until early this fall.... • Wed 2009 Jun 17, 3:53pm

A Brooklyn special education student who won a national essay contest and was made the title character of a Superman comic got his first peek at the book Tuesday. • Tue 2009 Jun 16, 10:18pm

British sculptor Willard Wigan creates micro-sculptures that fit in the eye of a needle. • Tue 2009 Jun 16, 2:05pm

Posters depicting the symbolic genitals of 100 artists have been deemed unsuitable by the Venice Biennale authorities. • Sun 2009 Jun 14, 11:40pm

ad-libbed and experimental style that would come to make his reputation, including video effects, superimpositions, reverse polarities and scanning, and quick blackouts. He was also noted for abstraction and carefully timed non sequitur gags and for carefully allowing the so-called fourth wall to be breached. Kovacs' cameras commonly showed his viewers activity beyond the boundaries of the show set—including crew members and, on occasion, outside the studio itself. Kovacs also liked talking to the off-camera crew and even introduced segments from the studio control room. Ernie frequently made use of accidents and happenstance, incorporating the unexpected into his shows.... • Sun 2009 Jun 14, 12:42am

Louis Dobbs... CNN anchor and managing editor for Lou Dobbs Tonight. He is an editorial columnist and syndicated radio show host.... • Wed 2009 Jun 10, 1:55pm

BenderComedy Central says it's bringing the animated comedy "Futurama" back from past cancellation for 26 new half-hour episodes... more than six years after ending its four-season run on... Fox .... • Fri 2009 Jun 5, 3:13pm

ScreamOKLAHOMA CITY -- A political cartoon featuring Judge Sonia Sotomayor that was published in the Oklahoman is getting national attention from the Latino community... The cartoonist also said that to say he's insensitive is part of his job, like telling basketball players that they're tall.... [Oh, sure, that explains it perfectly.] • Fri 2009 Jun 5, 3:11pm

The Oklahoman newspaper -- which in 1999 was named 'The Worst Newspaper in America' by the Columbia Journalism Review -- is coming under fire for publishing a syndicated cartoon this week depicting Sonia Sotomayor strung up as a piñata in a tree. • Fri 2009 Jun 5, 2:42pm

Women's groups and others are upset at an editorial cartoon that ran this week in The Oklahoman. The cartoon (below) shows U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor hanging from a tree like a piñata. Nearby, President Barack Obama, in a sombrero, is handing out bats to elephants (Republican senators?), saying, "Now, who wants to be first?" [WHAT editor approved this awful mess?] • Wed 2009 Jun 3, 5:50pm

Twisted pair cables were first used in telephone systems by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881 • Tue 2009 Jun 2, 9:43amNeal Adams and Dennis O'Neil, 1969—1983 ... an acclaimed, but short-lived series of stories.... • Fri 2009 May 29, 7:11pm

R.H. Donnelley Corp., the publisher of 600 directories including telephone Yellow Pages, sought bankruptcy protection from creditors to reduce debt by about $6.4 billion amid mounting losses.