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UK Telegraph • Thu 2012 Nov 22, 10:50pm

The Beatles' audition tape famously rejected by a record executive in 1962 has finally been uncovered after 50 years. … The recording has never been officially released and the sound quality on it is said to be pristine. … [Had they been signed, we would probably never have seen Ringo join.]

Alan Gardner, Daily Cartoonist • Mon 2012 Nov 19, 12:00am

The strip was owed by Adam@Home and Red and Rover creator Brian Basset, who told me last September that he acquired the original back in 1986 after agreeing to exchange originals with Bill Watterson. A recent financial pinch prompted him to put the piece up for auction.

Josh Kurp, Film Drunk • Wed 2012 Nov 14, 10:11am

…here are 10 of cinema's most obnoxious tropes that you see in Oscar-bait film after Oscar-bait film, with two entries dedicated solely to the most shameless award-whore movies in recent history

Michael Ausiello on TV Line • Fri 2012 Oct 19, 11:30am

Kevin Dunn joining HBO comedy Veep 2nd season in the recurring role of Ben, the president's new chief of staff.

Vicki Hyman, The Star-Ledger • Fri 2012 Oct 19, 10:59am

Sylvia Kristel, the Dutch actress who starred in the 1974 porn landmark "Emmanuelle," about a couple’s erotic adventures in Thailand, has died of cancer at age 60. [Oh, so that's what it was about. I wondered, but not enough to find out. iMDB: Sylvia Kristel, RIP.]

Scott Cleland, Daily Caller • Mon 2012 Oct 8, 6:01pm

The current Federal steward of radio frequency assignment authority is the low-level Office of Spectrum Management buried in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information. While ostensibly it has the responsibility for “managing” the Federal spectrum inventory and assignments, it has minimal legal or delegated authority, power, or clout to actually efficiently or effectively manage the nation’s spectrum for the benefit of the Nation or the U.S. taxpaying public. In reality, they are a caretaker and bookkeeper of the nation’s spectrum, not a manager of it — no one is. … There is no coherent Federal policy that spectrum is a valuable scarce resource that needs to be conserved, well-managed and put to its highest and best use for the Nation and the American taxpayer. There is no formal annual spectrum budget process in the executive or legislative branch, where government spectrum holders have to justify their continued use of the spectrum, defend why they can’t share their spectrum with other bureaucracies, or why they can’t clear it for public auction.

There is no regular audit or accountability process to ensure that this valuable spectrum is being efficiently-used, fully-utilized and not wasted. There is no OMB-level review — independent of the departments and agencies that control the spectrum — to verify that it is being responsibly managed. There is also no required economic opportunity-cost analysis or cost-benefit analysis of Federal spectrum use.

Geoffrey Dickens at Media Research Center • Wed 2012 Oct 3, 12:42pm

UPDATE: Still no ABC, CBS, NBC coverage of Univision's Fast and Furious report on Monday's evening newscasts or Tuesday's morning shows.

Stan Lee, Pow Entertainment • Tue 2012 Oct 2, 12:53pm

Now hear this! Your leader hath not deserted thee! In an effort to be more like my fellow Avenger, Tony Stark, I have had an electronic pace-maker placed near my heart to insure that I’ll be able to lead thee for another 90 years.

Soap MacTavish at Ace of Spades • Tue 2012 Oct 2, 11:23am

The state-run media's unabashed acceptance of its self-appointed role as "progressive" advocate is nightmarishly breathtaking to behold.

J. Michael Straczynski on Facebook • Sat 2012 Sep 29, 5:32pm

I regret that I must convey the sad news that Michael O'Hare passed away today. He suffered a heart attack on Sunday and was in a coma until his passing this afternoon. This is a terrible loss for all B5 fans and everyone involved with the show wishes to convey their condolences to the O'Hare family. He was an amazing man.

Datechguy • Sun 2012 Sep 23, 12:03pm

In 1998 1988 there was no internet, there was no Drudge. No Fox News and Rush Limbaugh would only become national in August of that year and not the force of nature he is today.

Picture for a second if there were people attending rallies, writing articles, analyzing polls, recording what is actually being said and putting that information out to the entire world. If that was taking place in 1988 do you think for one moment the mask on the actual state of the Dukakis campaign would not have been torn off long before election day?

This is the state that we are in now. The left is playing the same function as they did that year, trying their best to create the illusion of a winning campaign for Obama when none exists, but today while the MSM attempts to hide the unpleasant realities from liberal, an Army of Davids behind keyboards & cameras are spreading the word (That would be a great title for a book). …

Rob Tornoe at Poynter • Fri 2012 Jul 13, 1:30pm

“I’ve had great fun, in a Sisyphean kind of way, but the time has come to let Binky and Sheba and Bongo and Akbar and Jeff take some time off,” Groening, 58, said by email.

“It’s hard to imagine how the business model that sustained alternative social-commentary and political cartooning for two decades (and is now all but dead) would have evolved had papers not discovered the power of Groening’s strip and its ability to attract readers,” said syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall by phone.

[Meh. It had its moments. Led the way on badly-drawn Leftie spew. Sad, really.]

Alan Gardner at the Daily Cartoonist • Sat 2012 Jul 7, 6:07pmAfter seven years using the Wacom Cintiq 21ux, MAD Magazine cartoonist Tom Richmond upgrades to the Cintiq 24HD. If you’ve read any of Tom’s reviews, he’s very detailed oriented and provides a lot of information. This is his first review delivered as a video and it’s up to Tom’s usual review standards. If you’ve thought of going to the 24HD, this is a must watch.
Stupid icon
Rebecca Grant at VentureBeat • Sat 2012 Jun 30, 6:46pm
Zlango, an app that enables users to communicate with images rather than words, just hit the 1.25 billion text mark. … “As consumers search for more ways to clearly communicate via texts, Zlango offers high-impact images to bring popular culture and visual expression straight to their phones.” The company has raised $22 million to date…
Nekesa Moody, AP/Yahoo Music News • Sun 2012 Jun 17, 6:00pm
Guitarist songwriter Bob Welch, of early bluesy Fleetwood Mac, dead by suicide Jun 7 at 65 after failed back surgery. … Welch was a guitarist and vocalist for Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974. He formed the British rock group Paris in 1976, and had hits including "Sentimental Lady" in 1977 and "Ebony Eyes" in 1978. Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham did backup vocals on "Sentimental Lady."
Fantastic 4
Gerry Giovinco, CO2 Comics • Sat 2012 Jun 16, 12:48pm
The current success of Marvel’s characters in all popular media has made Jack Kirby the posthumous poster child for numerous creators who are now victims of the comic industry’s tradition of work-for-hire agreements. … Stan, we love you man, but we need you now, more than ever, to stand up for comic creators or you will be always be cursed with the blame for Marvel cheating the same creators that you personally paraded as stars.
Mark Evanier, News from ME • Sun 2012 Jun 3, 8:53pm
The "word" on Richard Dawson, who has died at the age of 79, is that he set out to be Peter Sellers or Jack Lemmon and was frustrated that he wound up being Bill Cullen…. I had one brief (very brief) encounter with Mr. Dawson around 1983…. [I knew turning to ME for this would be the right link to do.]
Dick Beals
Mark Evanier, News From ME • Sun 2012 Jun 3, 1:43pm
The legendary Dick Beals — a star of radio, cartoons and more commercials than just about anyone — has died in a Southern California nursing home at the age of 85.
Doc Watson
Randall Roberts, LA Times • Sun 2012 Jun 3, 1:20pm
Doc Watson, who died Tuesday at age 89, never had a hit record, and none of his albums ever went gold. This truth, a shame considering his talent, his influence on the guitar and the beauty of his dynamic baritone, should serve as inspiration to any musician interested in the long game, in making music that endures not because of its shock value or its keen marketplace vision but because within its measured tones lies universal truth.
Alan Gardner, Daily Cartoonist • Sat 2012 Jun 2, 12:55pm
The Birmingham News, the Press-Register in Mobile, and The Huntsville Times are moving to a three-day-a-week-in-print schedule.
Crain's Chicago Business • Sat 2012 Jun 2, 12:53pm
“We are no longer a newspaper company,” Sun-Times Media Holdings LLC Editor-in-chief Jim Kirk said in a memo to staff. “We are a technology company that happens to publish a newspaper. We deliver content. And we will deliver content on many platforms and in ways that we haven’t yet fully considered.”
Unger's Herman
CBC News • Fri 2012 Jun 1, 4:15pm
Unger’s strips featured sagging, plump characters with craggy faces, big noses and sprigs of hair. Its witty captions commented on the way we live now. The strip was an influence on later comic creators including The Far Side’s Gary Larson and Dilbert’s Scott Adams, according to Universal.
Rob Cooper, Daily Mail (UK) • Wed 2012 May 30, 11:06am
… remarkable 19th century sepia-tinted pictures show the American West… as it was charted for the first time… photos, by Timothy O'Sullivan… first ever taken of the rocky and barren landscape….
Rosa Golijan, msnbc • Sun 2012 May 27, 6:06pm
If it weren't for Eugene J. Polley, flipping TV channels would be an exhausting and tedious undertaking…. introduced in 1955, "used a flashlight-like device to activate photo cells on the television set to change channels."
Cain Burdeau, AP/Star-Telegram • Thu 2012 May 24, 7:09pm
The Times-Picayune, one of the nation's oldest newspapers, will trim its publication to just three printed issues a week starting in the fall, making New Orleans the largest metro area without a daily newspaper.
Rolling Stone • Mon 2012 May 21, 10:25am
Robin Gibb, one-third of the Bee Gees, died Sunday after a long battle with cancer, his spokesperson has confirmed via a statement. Gibb was 62 years old. [At one time, this mindful webworker had all the Bee Gees' pre-Disco LPs. Perhaps I still do.]
Star Trek Enterprise
Build the Enterprise • Fri 2012 May 18, 9:42am
The Gen1 Enterprise can arrive at Mars within 90 days of leaving earth's orbit. This is derived from various analyses sponsored by NASA that show that with mass to engine power ratios within our reach, a 90 day travel time is possible.
Watchmen smiley
Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool • Fri 2012 May 18, 9:25am
Dynamic Forces is to produce toasters featuring Warner Bros imagery, including the likes of Watchmen… [photo: Rorschach mask toast]
Alan Gardner • Wed 2012 May 16, 10:38amMy college newspaper advisor had saying, “Save now. Save Often.” It’s been my mantra ever since. That and having an external hard drive. [Video upl by pixarsuperfan10 on YouTube]