On the Road to Success

A chance meeting of two perspectives on life's highway.

The Soul of Despair
and the Soul of Prosperity
Met on the Road to Success.

I fear, cries Despair,
We shall never get There, or we'll
get There, but There will be Less!

Prosperity spoke.
It's a lie. It's a joke, to think,
One day I'll finally arrive.

How you get; Why you give;
Success is how you live,
Every moment awake and alive.

Position and Property,
Raising a Family,
All of that comes at a Cost.

So I must reach success,
wails Despair, and stay there,
or everything else will be lost.

Two roads go from here,
frets Despair. I will take
Quick Wealth and Ease All of my Days.

I wish you success,
smiles Prosperity, but
I believe this is where we part ways.