Mindful Webworkshop Episode #1

Noises intended to be music, croakings intended to be song

Just foolin' around - practice makes perfeck

All songs written, performed, & © by Mindful Webworker
except "Empty Baggie Blues" by T.S. Allen and Mindful Webworker.
Filmed, edited by that same Webworker. One-man band.

SONGS - time, titles, links to lyrics & chords, (section)
00:00 Introduction
00:32 Nothin' Much (The Art of)
04:21 Cover Lover (Love's Lost and Found)
07:16 Empty Baggie Blues (Head Shop Songs)
09:38 Hungry for My Baby Blues (Love's Lost and Found)
17:25 Gave My Life Away (Best of Spirits)