July Forth


July is

National Ice Cream Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Baked Beans Month

It's a picnic!

Where it all comes together:

National Chili Dog Day July 25th (USA)

Or, if you prefer the great indoors:
July 3rd to August 15th, inexplicably, are officially known as the
Air Conditioning Appreciation Days


Why "July"?

This guy:

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar, it being the month of his birth.

Here's a thing.

US Declaration of Independence

July 2nd is World UFO Day.
Go out and not identify a flying object!

UFO Alien Abduction

The Zodiac signs for the month of July are
Patientlee (until Jul 20)
Zodiac: Knowsittal Apr 21-May 20
…and Domicile (Jul 21 onwards)
Domicile Jul 21-Aug 20

Went searching for a Julia to close out this post. Lots of Julia celebrities (some I even recognized). This one caught my eye, though:

Julia Adasheva
and her Ferrari

Julia Adasheva with Ferrari

Adasheva (that's a sexy name if ever we heard one) is the definition of a gorgeous Russian model. Born in Moscow in 1991, she now travels the world as part of her modeling career which started at the age of 16. The beauty is 23 years old, born on April 25, 1991, wears size 7.5 (38 shoes) and is dress size 6 (36).

Her dream car is a red convertible from Maranello. No, not a California like Paris Hilton has, but a 458 Spider, the epitome of Italia style and performance. Julia is seriously into cars and frequents tuning shows. Her personal Youtube is filled with videos of her testing out various exotics around Moscow.…


July is… resources:
Hot Dog: Wikipedia
Ice Cream Cone: foodnetwork.com
Baked Beans: victoryhomemaking.blogspot.com

Domicile resources:
Sand castle: pinterest.com
Old man at beach: thestar.com

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