Who Does Kerry the Cyclist Look Like?

Boy howdy, is he ready for doody!

So, I was going to make this joke.

Inspired by a picture of Kerry at the top of the Drudge Report. Sec of State John "I Served in Viet Nam" Kerry broke his leg bicycling. The picture had him in flaming orange bike helmet.

I was going to say…

"Hm. Who does Kerry remind me of here? Maybe Firestorm, the DC Comics superhero?"

Kerry and Firestorm

"but no," I would joke, "Definitely not a super-hero!"

"Then, maybe," I was going to continue, "that super-villain from Scott McCloud's groundbreaking Zot! comics, the insane Art Dekko?"

Kerry and Dekko

"No, no," I would exclaim. "Closer, but still not quite right."

Then, for the punchline, "Ah! I know!"

And I went searching for an image of who I had in mind.

Buddy Pine, Syndrome, from The Incredibles.

Great thinks like a mind. And it was pretty obvious.

Afterthought: The Michelle's Mirror image was from two months ago. As I've been a subscriber for much longer than that, it's entirely possible I had a deep memory of having seen this poster already.