Kim Jong Il is Dead

Ding Dong. Death calling.

Kim Jong Il is still dead. Just checking.

Video playlist

  1. Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un are visiting families in new built houses — Look! Housing just like in the west! Beautiful! Furnished! And yet, oddly, sterile and empty. But Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un are visiting, so it must be great! Here are the Kims, looking at it. Watch as Dear Leader opens a cabinet. Marvel as Dear Leader tests a kitchen water faucet's temperature! This is why he was worshipped!
  2. North Korean Supermarket — Look! Marvelous merchandise just like in the west! You can buy "Window" for your computer! Dispel we much all doubt of vigor of Dear Leader's dear leadership!
  3. Japan Coast Guard vs North Korean spy shipBattle of Amami-Ōshima W — a six-hour confrontation between the Japan Coast Guard and an armed North Korean vessel in 2001. Glorious victory to die for Dear Leader! Oh, look! Here it is on video! (Some parts are a little murky.)
  4. Kim Jong Il propaganda - The Dear Leader — Dear Leader celebrated in glorious NK commercial for his greatness.
  5. Kim Jong IL Show — Dear Leader is greatest late-night entertainment host of all time! Wait! This is not Dear Leader! This is false, evil, anti-Dear Leader propaganda from MADtv with Bobby Lee!
  6. Kim Jong Il DEAD — World mourns passing of glorious Dear Leader
  7. Kimjongilia (5 parts) — The horrible truth

More pictures of Dear Leader looking at things

The Guardian (UK) 2003 Apr 3 (John Gorenfeld):
Shin Sang-ok...
is a film director of legendary stature in his native country - the Orson Welles of South Korea.... He and his wife, the well-known actress Choi Eun-hee, were among Seoul's celebrity set.... Shin and his wife were kidnapped by North Korea's despot-in-training, Kim Jong-il, who sought to create a film industry that would allow him to sway a world audience to the righteousness of the Korea Workers' Party. Shin would be his propagandist, Choi his star…

KimClick for frightening larger image (you were warned)

Photo of new glorious leader, old now less glorious dear leader's son

Top 10 Crazy Facts About Kim Jong Il — Western propaganda! Only first five facts about Dear Leader are true facts!

Obligatory link to Team America snippet. Haven't watched it. [Now I have]

188 I don't know if the North Korean shooting, cycling, golf, equestrian, track and field, swimming, and chess teams can recover from losing their star player.
Posted by: ace at December 18, 2011 11:07 PM

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