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I regret not maintaining the blog-heap lately. Life got busy and changes are in the wind that disturb my preferred patterns.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite folks, irongrampa

This is the kind of stuff I originally set out to bookmark on this Blog Heap o'Links, long ago.

I still have that undying love and belief in this country, that it is the most exceptional country on the planet, populated by an extraordinary people.

Nothing will ever shake that belief.

We have prevailed in similar perilous times throughout our history because we are Americans, by virtue of a political system unique in the world.

Like Jim in Galveston, I and so many others took that oath with no expiration. It is clear to me that at some point we'll be called on to fulfill it.

What form it will take is unknown to me right now, but there will be no hesitation.

There is no doubt we'll prevail, no matter the cost--because we ARE Americans, and as such are denied the option of failure.

Never forget that.

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