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Marriage Today

Wedding rings

What is the difference between courting and dating?

FenelonSpoke at February 16, 2013 03:23 PM

Briefly, courting is dating with a purpose, and that's marriage. It isn't dating just to play the field or have fun. Usually the guy asks the parent(s) for permission to court the daughter. So while you're "dating" so to speak, you're serious about it and you're learning whether the person is marriage material. And from people I know, the courting process doesn't last years and years like some dating relationships can. At some point you fish or cut bait.

I lurk, therefore I am (Hard! Hurry hard!) at February 16, 2013 03:28 PM

The boys have to spend time around the girls parents and the parents get to know each other before they're allowed to go out anywhere on their own. That's part of it.
My friends attitude is he wouldn't let some 18 year old kid he didn't know take off with his pickup for a few hours. He's sure not letting him "borrow his daughter."

teej at February 16, 2013 03:30 PM
1:40pm CST Mon 2013 Feb 18 :MW

It came from the sky


If asteroid 2012 DA14 were to strike the planet, it would probably behave in much the same way as the Tunguska object, ... we're unlikely to see a civilization-threatening impact anytime soon. [UNLIKELY....]

7:45pm CST Fri 2013 Feb 15 :MW

Theory of Education

Dolores Umbridge

teacher ...punished them for misspelling words by forcing them to trace the letters of the words on sandpaper with their fingers until their fingertips bled.

1:34pm CST Wed 2013 Feb 13 :MW

Mass Media is Dead

...Washington Examiner columnist Conn Carroll read Dionne’s screed and did something increasingly unusual for journalists these days: he looked for facts before turning on his word-processing program. Imagine that.

So, first looked at how things are going in Mordor Kansas:

1:37pm CST Wed 2013 Feb 13 :MW

United States of America


What is the true state of our union? Though this may sound harsh, I’ll speak the truth here. We are a country going bankrupt to fund a bloated, distant, and often corrupt federal government led by venal politicians more concerned with paying off their campaign cronies and consolidating their own power than in preserving the constitutional republic that so many have fought and died for (including our brave men and women in uniform who were barely mentioned last night).

1:39pm CST Wed 2013 Feb 13 :MW

Big Brother

the Massachusetts-based company has acknowledged the technology was shared with US government and industry as part of a joint research and development effort, in 2010, to help build a national security system capable of analysing "trillions of entities" from cyberspace. [video]

2:03pm CST Tue 2013 Feb 12 :MW

The real threat is that Google, or perhaps just a few people within the leadership of Google, may be quietly operating as a private intelligence agency for the left.

And every time you use Google or Gmail you could be contributing just a little bit more of your behavioral data to the left.

2:00pm CST Tue 2013 Feb 12 :MW

Spiritual Matters

St. Malachy prophesied that the final pope would be "Peter the Roman", which is interesting because no pope to date has chosen the name of Peter out of respect for Peter the Apostle. There has also been speculation that the final pope would be black. Even more curiously, there is a black cardinal in Ghana, Peter Turkson, who is believed to be a frontrunner and whose name has come up in previous discussions of papal appointment.

Cardinal Turkson has said in the past that "if God would wish to see a black man also as pope, thanks be to God." Catholic Church chronicler Rocco Palmo has called Turkson the lone Scripture scholar in the Pope's "Senate", and believes that his status as a potential "papabile" has been elevated due to his 2009 appointment as spokesman for the Second Synod for Africa.

Outside of the Church, there are also many who believe that Turkson is the favorite to take over as pontiff. Even the London bookmakers believe he's the top choice. Odds comparison site lists Turkson at best price odds of 4/1, and as short as 2/1 with some firms. Francis Arinze, the Nigerian Cardinal, is also a huge favorite with the bookies.

There are some who insist that Malachy did not say that the last pope he mentioned would be the 112th pope, insisting that he was merely the last, and theorizing that there could be more popes to come between Benedict and "Peter the Roman". However, this is not a belief that everyone subscribes to and many believe that "Peter the Roman" will be both the 112th and last pope of the Catholic Church.

Malachy's prophecies are taken very seriously as they've been uncannily accurate to date. Will the Catholic Church get its first black pope? Will "Peter the Roman" lead us into the End Times? These questions are set to be answered by Easter, which comes this year at the end of March, when the papal conclave announces their decision.

3:15pm CST Tue 2013 Feb 12 :MW

Under Tyranny

The Chastity League in Orwell's 1984.

In 1948 the real commies were all about free-love, in a world where that was frowned upon. In 1984 the book, the commies were about repressed chastity, in a world where everyone was hard up. Orwell did this on purpose.

It doesn't matter to the State whether or not sex or chastity is good for the individual or for the community, it matters to the State that IT gets to make personal decisions for the individual on every intimate choice.

The same for recycling garbage, or carpooling, or volunteering at inner city middle schools, or pediatricians handing out gun safety brochures. It doesn't matter to the Machine whether or not any of those choices are effective, it only matters that they made the decision for you.

The massive invasive tax code and welfare system exist in their current form, instead of a guaranteed minimum income system, so that the State can continue to micromanage every transaction of every person in North America.

1:31pm CST Wed 2013 Feb 6 :MW

Liberal Politics

Leftism is a mental disorder, not an actual political ideology.

Everything the left does has untoward and unwarranted results, often of the catastrophic variety. Gun control = more gun violence. Rent control = higher rents. The "war on poverty" = no change or even increases in poverty rates. "Affirmative action" = no change or even declines in minority participation rates. "Living wages" = less employment. Emissions caps = higher utilities bills and no real change in pollutant levels. Higher minimum wages = lower employment. Etc.

But you can't even discuss these matters with leftists. They're lost in space. Loco in the membrane.

1:54pm CST Wed 2013 Feb 6 :MW