Conflicting Comfort and Discomfort Zones

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." - Winston Churchill

Back in the day, on CompuServe religion forum, there were characters who seemed out of place, too enthusiastic, pushy, insistent about a particular belief - shrilly interjecting their doctrine into all exchanges, insisting their beliefs are divine (which was fine) and everyone else's are demonic (which was not) — disruptive to the point of banning.

Then I'd see the same person in some technical forum and they behaved perfectly sociably.

Religion had no monopoly. Fanatical True Believers exist in ... every? ... category. (Fanatical quilters? Probably.) With some folks, there's topics you can talk about, and topics you can't. When you got to know someone in one context where they were fanatical and you can just ignore them, then you meet them being more normal in other circumstances, you have to see them a little more sympathetically.

I suppose we can all be like that, given the right circumstances.

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