Reality Manipulated

News photos doctored to reveal new and hidden meanings.

Rumsfeld explains American Policy
Rumsfeld catscradle
At last! We are in the age when anybody can create bogus pictures just like the tabloid papers! Here are pictures ripped from today's headlines, or sometimes torn gently, or sometimes carefully scissored…. The copyright on the originals belongs to AP, Reuters, and so on.
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The incredible shrinking Slobbo (four views)
Slobbo Realface
Smallface Slobbo
Smallerface Slobbo
Smallestface Slobbo

Dubya manipulated (four views)
Dubya Pinchface
Dubya Udall
Dubya Gingrich
Dubya Widemouth

Algore ryffs (three views)
Algore Longfaced
Algore Fisheyed
Algore Walleyed

Osama been manipuladened (three views)
Cheap Hotel Osama
Clunker Dealer Osama
Diablo Osama

Other realities manipulated
Falwell pinheaded
Saddam with a sword
Devil clearly visible in Palestinian baby bomber photo
Four big shots
View and taste??